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dear yuletide santa, in case i'm away

Dear Yuletide Santa(s),
I do this every year, and I've usually been able to get internet access on the 25th anyway, but just in case - I'll be away from the 25th-31st, and I'm not sure what my internet situation then will be. I'll do everything I can to read your stories on Christmas Day (there's a time difference because I'm in the Philippines right now), but in case I am not able to (and you'll know when I have because I'll be leaving comments!), know that I am very grateful and I will read them as soon as I get back.
Thank you, thank you, and Merry Christmas!

oh noes

I don't think I will be, but just in case!

Dear Yuletide writer,
There is a small possibility I won't be able to read and lavish love for my yuletide story because I'll be out of town (and perhaps with no internet access) when the archive goes up. Just in case I don't get to, know that I am very grateful and happy and am giving you a big holiday hug!
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Dear Yuletide Santa 2010

Dear Yuletide Santa,

Hello, and thank you for participating! I'm already sure the yuletide story I get will be one of my favorite gifts this year, and I hope it will be a lot of fun for you to write. The fandoms I've chosen are ones I like immensely and so would be happy to see any fic for. I was a little more specific with characters this time around, but all the other details are optional as usual. Write something that makes you happy, and it will surely make me happy, too! I like all these requests equally. 8D

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Also, not related to yuletide: arrrgh I know I haven't been back on lj like I said I would be, and also I feel like a fish out of fandom water right now. ;___; I could say school, but. But. I'll come back soon. I'm hoping the yuletide spirit will drag me back into it. In any case, I miss you, lj friends! HU HU HU.
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Yulegoat letter coming soon!

To my dear yulegoat: Sorry, I haven't had time to type my letter up yet, but it'll be here soon! 8D My tastes haven't changed much anyway, although I'll try to include some specific points for my fandoms. Thank you so so much for your patience and I hope you are getting in the yuletide spirit as much as I am! *waves jangly Christmas bells*
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what must be must

So I lose my internet connection for a few days and...

...Nabari no Ou ends? OMG. WEEPING. Wait, no spoilers, I've just downloaded the raw and I have no idea what's going on anymore b-but. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT ENDED. HUU.

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By the way, Happy Birthday Diana Wynne-Jones! ♥ ♥ ♥
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yeast in the water

Okay, so 10-fic-goal is finished, thanks in large part to erosduos. A number of them need editing before I repost them, but hey, that's made this long break a little more productive at least. *blinks* Um, wow, I kind of can't believe that happened? I finished everything by July 31 but haven't written anything in the last eight days. Aggh. So, other things to write:

1. Inception!fic. Not like I actually have a headcanon for this or anything, but I've got an idea or two? I haven't even looked around the fandom yet, but from what I've read it is mostly Arthur/Eames. I want some Arthur/Ariadne so badly I just might write it. You know, all vague. It is an excuse to have those terrible cheating dream sequences. D:

Re: the movie - good fun, but I was a little disappointed by the fact that while the logic seems perfectly sound in the movieverse, once you drag it out into reality, it kind of makes you squint and go "Huh?" I know the point was the storytelling, and I love me some distorted dreams too, but I wish there was a little more real world behind the science.

2. Yuffentine for mythicbeast with maybe some KH canon? Yuffie is awesome no matter what incarnation. I am tempted to throw in Leon just to make things more awkward. :D

3. Maid-sama. Something for Aoi. Like a backstory. Or Aoi/Misaki because that kid is just so much grumbly crossdressing love.

4. Reborn? D18? I know there are a bajillion good fics for this pairing, but I don't know many from Kyoya's POV? Also, Siken's amazing poetry maybe could translate well, ie, the now familiar whipping boy. 8D

5. I need to get up to date with D.Grayman and then write Kanda/Allen and Kanda/Alma. *weeping about the loss of onemanga forevarrr*

6. Sirius/Lupin FINALLY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. Flitting throughout canon time? Post-death fic? After my last post - like right after - I stumbled across some awesomely satisfying Sirius/Lupin fics by mywholecry. Then of course I had to crack open Prisoner of Azkaban and Order of the Phoenix again and marvel at the love that is those two.

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so when you gonna

The AO3 Archive can now import fics from FF.Net - maybe this function has been working for a while and I've just missed it? 8D Haha. So I've been archiving and rereading lots my old work in the process. Some of it makes me cringe (so wooden aggh), but others still make me quirk my lips, and it's nice remembering. I miss some of those fandoms. I might stop being active but I can love something forever.

Also, pimping. Saw a lot of awesome prompts. :D Going to leave some of my own, maybe, and see what I can fill, too. Spread the word!

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